What To Do When a Car Scratch Has Exposed Metal

Car scratches near the wheel

If your car has a scratch that exposes metal, you can use touch-up paint or nail polish to cover up the exposed area. If the metal is rusted, you will need to sand down the rust and apply a primer before painting. For a permanent fix, visit a professional detailer.

Why Does Car Paint Scratch So Easily?

Hand holding car scratch

Car paint scratches so easily because it’s typically made of polyurethane-based enamel, which adds color to your vehicle and protects it from the elements and environmental threats. So despite being very resistant to chipping and cracking, it’s particularly vulnerable to scratching.

Should You Detail Your Car Before a Trade In?

Man detailing car

Car detailing involves restoring your vehicle’s interior and exterior for a newer and glossier look. Detailing is primarily undertaken to keep your car looking its best possible way and minimize the impacts of interior wear and the harsh impacts of external elements such as dirt and grime.

Is Detailing Bad for Your Car? The Definitive Answer

Car waxing tool on red car

Detailing can be good for your car, but detailing a car with the wrong cleaners that have harsh chemicals can damage your car’s finish. A quality detailing will make it cleaner than it might have been when you bought it. It will certainly be cleaner than if you drove it through the car wash.

How Long Does It Take To Wash a Car by Hand?

Man hand washing the car wheels

It’s better to wash your car by hand because doing so can ensure that your vehicle gets thoroughly cleaned and not damaged during the process. While automatic car washes are generally pretty safe, there’s always the potential for damage. If you wash the car yourself, you can ensure you’re careful.

How Long Does It Take To Detail a Truck?

Truck detailing engine

Detailing a truck generally takes about five to ten hours but can take longer depending on the truck’s size, condition, and age. Because detailing is much more involved than a regular car wash, it takes significantly longer than just washing your truck.

Are Swirl Marks on a Car Permanent?

Buffing compound on car door

Are you curious if swirl marks on your car are permanent? They can take away from your car’s appearance – and no one wants that – but the good news is that there are ways to remove them and make your vehicle look shiny and new again. Swirl marks on a car are not permanent. … Read more

How Cold Is Too Cold To Detail a Car?

Man waxing black sedan

It is too cold to detail a car when it is freezing or near freezing. Please do not wash your motor vehicles at 34° F (1.11° C) or lower. While this can be tricky when temperatures plummet to single digits, detailing a car at least once every two weeks comes with many benefits.