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How To Make Money Detailing in the Winter

Car detailing may not be a priority in the winter for many people, whether due to limited driving or an acceptance of the inevitable adverse effects of the harsh weather. However, those issues are precisely the unique selling proposition you can use to make money detailing in the winter.

Car stuck on winter

Here are seven ways to make money detailing in the winter:

  1. Promote the benefits of detailing for the winter.
  2. Combine winterizing with routine car washes.
  3. Offer discounted interior detailing with other services.
  4. Educate the target audience about restorative detailing.
  5. Create contingency plans for the bearish days or weeks.
  6. Go mobile with your detailing services in the winter.
  7. Identify and capitalize on the latest detailing trends.

The central concept of these monetizing ways is to enable your target audience to understand that detailing is even more beneficial in winter than summer. Read on to explore how you can make money detailing in the winter.

1. Promote the Benefits of Detailing for the Winter

Man car detailing on winter

Car detailing has several benefits, irrespective of the season. However, some benefits are of greater significance for people in winter, especially those living close to the frigid zone. Also, those that have to be on the road for different reasons stand to gain the most from winter detailing.

Consider the example of road salt. We use road salt abundantly throughout winter in many parts of the country. And our cars are subjected to the strong corrosive effects of road salt. Road salt corrosion can damage bridges, so it’s easy to imagine the effects on thin car metal and paint.

Road salt is sodium chloride in its natural or unprocessed mineral form. The effects of road salt can be the singular reason for your clients to get a fresh coat of wax on their vehicles as winter approaches.

Also, a car wash is beneficial during the winter months, and a generous wax coat after that is needed for sustained protection. Therefore, promoting the benefits of detailing for the winter in advance and once again during or towards the end of the season gets you two monetization opportunities.

2. Combine Winterizing With Routine Car Washes

Car washing on winter

Many people winterize their cars every year. So, you can combine the typical winterization with routine car washes. Hence, you can create packages to cover different services, e.g., tire tread & pressure testing, anti-freezing washer fluid refills, oil changes, etc.

Additionally, you can include some detailing as an integral part of this winterizing routine. Many car detailers use special waxes for extra protection against snow, sludge, and road salt. Thus, you can combine winterizing with special cleaning, polishing, and other detailing services.

3. Offer Discounted Interior Detailing With Other Services

Interior car detailing

The popular perception is that car detailing is mostly about the exterior. However, a car’s interior is also quintessential for a complete detailing. Thus, you can combine interior detailing with other services, especially for the winter.

People drive their cars, vans, trucks, or recreational vehicles with the windows up in the winter. Hence, the odor buildup can be almost unbearable. Also, people must worry about the damage caused by road salt, slush, mud, and stains. Another problem is moisture trapped inside the car.

Therefore, you can restructure a few interior detailing services at a discounted price. Or, offer an interior detailing package combined with another service, such as a car wash.

An interior detailing plan can include cleaning, vacuuming, and eliminating all the stains, odors, etc.

Besides, road salt doesn’t only damage the exteriors. Every driver and passenger carries road salt into their vehicles in the winter. And the resulting stains are distinct compared to the typical dust, dirt, lint, and debris buildup during the warmer months. So, plan and offer accordingly.

4. Educate the Target Audience About Restorative Detailing

Car wheel with snow

Detailing isn’t always about aesthetics, preventive maintenance, and upgrades. Car detailing is sometimes necessary for restoration and safety, especially in the winter. All cars or vehicles will have issues with snow and fog adversely affecting the windshield, headlights, mirrors, etc.

Scraping off the snow or frost is one thing. Sustaining the clarity and operating condition of the glass fixtures is a completely different matter. Innumerable people drive with hazy windshields, windows, headlights, and rearview mirrors. These realities pose a serious safety risk.

Restorative detailing can mitigate the driving hazards in freezing conditions. Hence, educate the target audience so that your existing and potential clients understand how restorative detailing is going to make driving much safer for them and others.

5. Create Contingency Plans for the Bearish Days or Weeks

Contingency plans

Winter isn’t the best time for detailing. However, winter is the busiest season for car washing. This statistical fact is the foundation for my suggestion that you should combine a car wash with winterizing and detailing.

Still, you are likely to have bearish weeks or days. For instance, Saturdays and Fridays happen to be the busiest days at car washing facilities, followed by Sundays and Mondays. Thus, it will help if you have contingency plans for the off-peak days.

You may think of promotional offers or special discounts on detailing when the weather isn’t a friend. For example, you can plan detailing packages for weekdays when you expect very little traction at your detailing shop.

6. Go Mobile With Your Detailing Services in the Winter

Man looking at his phone

As a contingency plan, you should consider a mobile detailing service for the winter.

If the customers can’t come to you, you should reach out to them. Many people put off essential cleaning, repairs, replacements, and detailing simply because the weather is rough. I know such rough weather isn’t in your favor, but mobile detailing services aren’t fiction or pioneering per se.

7. Identify and Capitalize on the Latest Detailing Trends

Man driving the car

Last but not least, identify the latest detailing trends and capitalize on them. A long time ago, people would install additional lights, especially fog lamps, before and during the winter months. Likewise, many trends have come and gone over the decades.

Winter affects everything from the paint to the brakes. Some regions demand snow tires, while the warmer south is more forgiving. Hence, assess the needs of your clients to select lucrative detailing trends.

For instance, you may offer ceramic coatings to protect the paint, as they last much longer than synthetic sealants and waxes. Similarly, you can offer waterless washing for clients that may not have the time to visit your shop during the day.

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Final Thoughts

Making money detailing in the winter is essentially about how you convey the necessity to your clientele. Also, choose the appropriate detailing products and techniques so that the clients have the best returns on their investments. The other tactics are basically promotions or offers.

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