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How Long Does It Take To Detail a Truck?

Trucks are popular vehicles that serve a function and are stylish, often turning heads on highways and roads. Maintenance is an essential task for any vehicle owner, and detailing is a regular part of keeping up with overall cleanliness. So how long does it take to detail a truck?

Truck detailing engine

Detailing a truck generally takes about five to ten hours but can take longer depending on the truck’s size, condition, and age. Because detailing is much more involved than a regular car wash, it takes significantly longer than just washing your truck.

This article will explain how long it takes to detail a truck, what factors can contribute to it taking longer than average, and what you can do to increase the speed at which it takes to detail your vehicle.

Detailing the Entire Truck

Front of truck grill

There are two primary components of detailing a truck. These two elements are the exterior and interior. On average, it takes at least two to three hours to fully detail the inside of a truck and at least three hours for the outside. It can take longer for particular trucks.

Exterior Detailing

Because most trucks have less cabin space than body and bed, the exterior is the most time-consuming part of detailing. Trucks can range in shape and size but most often have a long section called the bed which will make up most of the detailing.

The most time-consuming part of detailing is detailing the paint on the vehicle. Detailing the paint requires a touch-up of any blemishes on the color and polishing the paint to make it shiny and look brand new again.

The extra space on the outside makes trucks take longer on average than other vehicles to detail. Trucks have much more exterior detailing required because the surface area of painted space is much larger than that of a standard car. Detailing the body of a vehicle has three main components:

Washing the Truck

First, you need to wash the truck. Washing by hand will do the best job of detailing your vehicle. If you are detailing your car, you will want to be as thorough as possible, so you should be washing your truck by hand. It will take about an hour for most people to wash their trucks.

Touching Up the Paint

As mentioned above, detailing the paint requires touch-ups of blemishes, dings, and scratches to make it as shiny and attractive as it was when it first came off the assembly line. Depending on the truck’s condition, touching up the paint can take a significant amount of time.

Polishing the Paint

The most time-consuming part of detailing is detailing the paint on the car. On average, polishing and waxing a vehicle takes most people several hours. You can cut down on the time it takes to polish the paint by using specific tools.

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The ENEACRO Polisher is a great option because there are different speeds and a detachable handle that allows you to address particular areas of your truck with ease.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing can be a time-consuming task but less so than the exterior. Trucks often have less interior space than other vehicles, which can cut downtime for this portion of the detailing process. However, it still usually takes over two hours to detail the interior of a truck. Dirtier trucks can take much longer depending on how long they’ve been neglected.

Vacuuming Your Truck

The first step is vacuuming your truck. Vacuuming takes most people around 30-45 minutes. You should be as thorough as possible and use a good vacuum when doing this. The process is fairly simple, but here’s a step-by-step look at how to do it if you’re unsure of what to do.

Detailing the Inside of Your Truck

Detailing the inside of your truck involves cleaning every angle of the interior that you can reach. You should be as thorough as possible and use various tools and cleaning products to get the best shine possible. Generally, you will want to have several different tools to detail the inside of your truck.

Having the Right Tools Can Make Detailing Your Truck Interior Faster

Having the right tools can significantly reduce the time it takes to detail the inside of a truck. There are a lot of different products and technology that you can buy to make the job faster. Here are some of them:

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  • Drill brush
  • Steam cleaner
  • Air compressor
  • Detail brush
  • Standard interior cleaning product

Using these tools allows you to clean the inside of your truck more efficiently and reduce the amount of time it takes to address all the little issues.

The Condition of the Truck Counts

Muddy truck rear view mirror

One crucial factor when detailing a truck is the condition that it is in when the detailing happens. If you have been performing regular cleaning and maintenance, the detailing can take much less time than if you have not kept up with these chores.

If you have a lot of exterior damage to your truck, it will take longer to touch up the paint and get it ready for polishing. The average truck detail will take around five to ten hours, but this can increase depending on how dirty the truck was upon starting the detail.

Final Thoughts

Detailing a truck is more involved than detailing a standard car because there’s more exterior to clean. The extra surface space involved means that the longest step, detailing the paint, is needed over a more considerable area.

Various factors influence how long detailing a truck will take. These factors include:

  • The truck’s size
  • The tools you use
  • The overall condition of the vehicle you are detailing

Follow a few of these simple steps and reduce the amount it takes to detail a truck. You’ll find that detailing a truck is much quicker and easier with the right tools and technique.

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