Is Ceramic Car Wax Worth It? How To Decide

Ceramic car wax

Ceramic coatings are worth their cost. They last longer than ordinary waxes and protect your car’s paint from damage by UV rays and the elements. Although they seem pricey at first, a full-range auto detailing will cost you even more. So, they’re a better way of maintaining your car’s paint.

How To Hide Swirl Marks on a Car (DIY Guide)

Neon green car with swirl marks

Swirl marks are the sworn enemy of a good paint job on a car, so it makes sense that you’re eagerly searching for a way to remove them and restore your car’s aesthetics. Luckily, hiding swirl marks is a relatively straightforward task that pretty much anyone can accomplish with little prior knowledge. Here’s how to … Read more

5 Ways To Remove Hard Water Spots From a Car

Hard water can come from many different sources, and you can recognize it by its high levels of calcium and magnesium. Often, hard water can find its way to your car and cause unsightly spots. So, let’s talk about ways you can remove these pesky spots from your car. Here are 5 ways to remove … Read more

How To Remove Buffing Marks on a Car

Buffing Marks on Cart

One easy way to ruin the appearance of a good-looking car is by allowing buffing marks to build up. The scratches often occur on your car’s finishing and form a continuous ‘spider web’ pattern of swirl marks throughout the car’s finish. Multiple factors contribute to swirl marks, including improper car cleaning and drying techniques, but … Read more

How To Use a Rubbing Compound on Clear Coat

Applying rubbing compound on car

If your car’s clear coat is looking a little dull, you may be wondering if you need to take it in for a pricey paint job. Before you shell out cash for something you probably don’t need, try using a rubbing compound on the clear coat first. Rubbing compounds can help remove scratches and blemishes, … Read more

Shampoo vs. Steam Clean: Which is Better for a Car?

Car steaming

A steam cleaner contains a heating element and a water tank. After putting water into the tank, the heating element heats the water until it becomes steam. Pressure in the system forces the water vapor through the cleaning nozzle, sending steam deep into the carpet and upholstery fibers.

How To Detail a Car That Has Ceramic Coating

Car with ceramic coating

If you have just had ceramic coating applied to your car, congratulations! That invisible paint protection film will help keep your vehicle looking flawless for years to come, but only if you take care of it properly. So, how do you detail a car with ceramic coating? Here are a few essential tips on how … Read more